19/05/2018 robert

championship fight on September 21

It’s official, I have a championship fight on September 21 and I now know my opponent!

Cyril Gane is the courageous fighter who will come to our part of the country to try his luck for my belt! … .Guess what ?… He will not go back to France with, I guarantee you !!

Thanks to Stéphane Patry who worked hard to find me an opponent, because it seems it’s hard to find guys ready to face me in the octagon!

Once again, it is with your support and your confidence that I go on. The last few days were tumultuous, and you reacted in a surprising way … Now the storm has passed, we are all going ahead, without exception, and I expect you will accompany me this time as well.

It will be my pleasure of seeing you all again at my next fight, and yes, once again, I promise you a great show!